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BBS Online is restocking their Rib Cage Duffle Bag soon and they hit us up to shoot a lookbook campaign for them. My team and I were instantly inspired by archaeology and so that's what set the scene for the campaign. We asked them a couple of questions while we were at it.

Why a rib cage? What sparked that move?

“I honestly couldn’t tell you a defining point where I pictured a ribcage duffle bag. I’m constantly thinking about how the skeleton does its job so I would’ve have just seen how the ribcage carries and protects the body’s most valuable things so I guess I thought what in the fashion world could also do that job.”

Is biology / the skeletal system key to BBS? if so, why and do you aim to spread that theme across future clothing?

Biology for sure plays apart of the design process and is for sure rooted into the brand. But I would say I have more of an attraction to just natural materials in general like through bones, leather and fur-(foreshadow:)). I like to link the natural materials I design with to how they play apart in the real world. That is what BBS† is. The meaning of BBS† is ‘Billions + billions of skeletons’

What are the upgrades you made to the bags for this restock?

The improvements I made on these bags for these bags are based on the feedback that was received from the previous drop. The main thing was to upgrade the hands and straps to make the more secure which would mean heavier duty stitching. We made some other adjustments like the aesthetic points of the embroidered designs. We also have switched up the packaging so these bags will come in small and more efficient packaging, as well as adding further levels of luxury with the better quality dust bags and a more protective, magnetic case.

The bag will be available in their next restock on the 29th March. Mark your calendars 🗓️


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