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RHYCNI is a brand out of India found in 2022, started by 2 siblings with one having a background in fashion and the other in business. The 2 co-founders like to keep an anonymous identity as they don't want the brand associated with their personalities. They want the brand to have its own personality which is currently ever-evolving at a fast pace.

Their startup story is an extraordinary one. They always knew they wanted a brand but never took it seriously until they started making samples one day. The first samples landed on the 27th of August 2021 with the official launch coming to a year later on the 26th of September 2022 out of a studio in Dhule, Maharashtra, India.

RHYCNI was started to bring emotions out of people and that's exactly what they get. When speaking to the founders, they explained an “indescribable high” they get seeing people's reactions which is a mix of humour, love, hate and curiosity. They thrive on the polar mix of opinions they get on their brand with all the diverse perspectives helping them open their minds to more ideas.

In an ideal world, RHYCNI wants to be more creative and free by creating more unique art pieces “without having to think about practicality, wearability and finding a balance between all of that chaos” which they feel they have to sustain at the moment. Being able to unrestrict themselves from just fashion is also part of their ideal vision, with furniture, further objects and digital fashion both being avenues they look to embark on.


"We blindfolded ourselves and typed in random words on the phone and within the first few tries itself, we got RHYCNI and that's how the name came about"

When it comes to their designs, the siblings lie how "uncomfortable" their silhouettes make people feel.

"Everything just feels so much more correct when we're cheating on the society-taught proportions of everyday silhouettes" - RHYCNI


"We don't usually start with inspiration or concept! but the first instinct always is to try and do some basic puffer sample shapes in almost all the fabrics! this one was a rather complicated sample in the start, with strings being passed through each bubble but that ended up looking so extra and so time consuming. We got tired midway while making the actual piece and decided to leave it as it was. That's your nude puffer right there" - RHYCNI

"We produce everything in house. Process is rather unnatural too. We start off with just basic silhouettes and keep changing the route midway until we end up with something that's completely different from what we first started. Most people think that it doesn't make sense, but it really does work out for us"

The brand has also gained a lot of notoriety worldwide. They had requests from public figures as well as artists going for their grammy awards. Unfortunately, due to shipping from India and time constraints making these products, RHYCNI misses out on a lot of opportunities. This does not stop the duo though. They are forever motivated by this, saying “getting asked for events as big as these and for artists so big, make us realise that we’re doing something so correct. No feeling beats that.”

The future of RHYCNI is bright as they look to land in physical stores globally with the intention for people to touch, feel and try pieces on before buying.


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