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The culture of fashion and automotive enthusiasts has been longing for a brand that can bridge both worlds in an authentic manner that speaks to them. From an idea that sparked when Osas browsed a magazine at work to eventually turning that idea into a brand, @onroad_racingclub is here to offer exactly that.

To highlight some of the brand’s products, one of their first products came in 2018 when they remixed the classic film, Back to the Future. Osas renamed the movie title to “Back to the Roads” and coupled it with a graphic of the legendary Delorian car. The t-shirt was a success and that success was followed by a string of further t-shirts the brand went on to drop. When speaking with Osas, he emphasised the aspect of just using blanks as he liked his pieces to have a particular fit, shape and drape to them. This was especially the case when Osas took his product catalogue up a level when dropping tracksuits. The first tracksuit was the green racing club set, inspired by a classic Green Racing Jaguar.

Onroad Racing Club’s ultimate aim is to create a clothing brand that will embrace the automotive culture in a way that has never been done before, with the designs and foundation of the brand fully influenced by the automotive culture.

I think there is a lot of space to get creative between both worlds and brands haven’t capitalised off that gap as well as they could. I look forward to the brands’ development and the impact they can make within this market.


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