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One of Lundun's most iconic duos link up again to produce another banger commercial.

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Last week, Corteiz dropped their "THIS IS INGERLAND" video directed by Walid Labri, featuring Skepta speeding a Subaru Impreza through the narrow countryside lanes of Wales. The car was fully custom made and packed with Corteiz branding. Head over to Kaivyon and Sebxx for the details. Clint explained how they travelled all the way to Wales as promo for their Vertigo Shuku Tracksuit set featured in the video. Creating a fully custom racing car shows the crazy lengths and investments the brand is aiming to make. It shows your heart is in the game and that you’re in it for the long term. It's hard to compete with people who aren't driven by the money.

The weekend comes and Corteiz drops a whole new collection including the much anticipated C-Star Denim Set and various T-Shirts inspired by the look and brand logos on Subaru. But the highlight and talking point of the drop is how the Subaru was not only listed to buy but also sold for 45k. Did someone really drop 45 racks on a Custom Corteiz Subaru? While it very much could just be a marketing move to get people talking (I fell for it), I also can't put it past Corteiz after selling out their Skydive leather jackets for £750. To follow up on that, Corteiz dropped the Skydive leather vest in this collection which also sold out at £400. Now, of course, these prices are incomparable to 45k but it goes to show the spending power and loyalty behind the Corteiz brand. We all know how wild people can get with spending money.

So, what do you think? Did someone really cop or is it all just a bluff? Let's hear it below.


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