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Did Rich people ruin Streetwear?

So this is a tweet from last year that I came back across in my bookmarks after wanting to spark discussion around it. While it lacks heavy context and discussion on Twitter, I was intrigued by what you guys thought.

The only discussion around this was the idea that prices of clothes have jumped sharply. I wouldn't necessarily say it's because of inflation but more because of how much streetwear has grown and the hype around it. In a sense, people saw the demand and opportunity from consumers and capitalised on it to maximise gains.

Alternatively, you have the trope of streetwear communities from brands becoming alienated when the “wrong people” start buying into the brand and you can tell they're wearing the brand for hype's sake and to be seen in the brand as opposed to having a true connection to the brand the reasons people like that same brand. “Rich people” are often on the other end of the discourse when people complain about this issue.

Anyways, those are MY guesses around the topic, but what do YOU think? Did rich people ruin streetwear? If not, who else did? Discuss below.


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