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Last week right before the weekend hit, Fugazi hacked the billboards in Times Square, or did they?

They certainly had some people fooled in the first half and while some took this more seriously than it should've, most people saw the fun side of it. The edited video sees Trevor and friends rush to the NY landmark to illuminate their ad on billboards to promote his upcoming runway show titled “Twas Him” and when we look at the depth behind the collection, it all actually makes sense and ties in well with its intended meaning.

Trevor of Fugazi went on a mini rant and further explained the collection. In summary, his motive was to prove that the next wave of designers don't need all the glorified things they think they need. Fugazi's core concept is based around challenging and commenting on the on the made up norms and constructs that make up streetwear and modern day society. Their ironic undertones sum up everything Fugazi is about from the name to design inspiration and the marketing.

While I wouldn't say the looks are bad, the images used don't do it the most justice since Trevor focuses a lot on the details. For example, the paint splatter jeans aren't real paint splatters but actually patches of embroidery mimicking the paint splatter look. Nonetheless, I see some fine pieces in there. It's great to see Trevor pull off something like this to put the new wave of creatives on game.

Check out the rest of the lookbook here.

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wasif farooqui
wasif farooqui
29 dec. 2023

Did not got my answer, did they hacked or

Scott Bryant
Scott Bryant
31 dec. 2023
Reageren op

No it was as promotional

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