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Another day, another city! This time @clint419 and the guys touched down in the US, New York City to be exact. But what did they get up to?

@crtz.rtw dropped the second pair of AM95s from their collaboration with Nike. Dubbed the "Pink Tings", the shoe still has the exact details as the first, except the highlights come in pink and the leather material follows dark purple, grey and black colours as opposed to the military look the first sneaker gave us. The camo insole and bubble at the bottom of the shoe see a lighter camo palette which again sees the colour purple.

These sneakers were exclusive to NYC, It was cool to see the coordinates drop on the billboard leading people to a NY deli. It’s unclear whether they will later be available globally online. In the Rules the World Movie, there were three different sneakers with the third colour seeming to be a blue colour. Who knows how these will end up dropping and if they are only available to a select country 🤣. My guess would be that Australia could be seeing their own pair as he's already shut down a couple of cities there and the love goes both ways.

When we first posted "Corteiz Rules the World" I remember a couple of Americans saying Corteiz don't rule the world if they haven't taken over the US, now they got people running across busy NY and lining up on a fine Tuesday afternoon. Imagine the scenes on a Saturday, where people are even more available.

Let this be proof, that even in the US, Corteiz is making moves.


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