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After taking a short hiatus from a series of drops in the previous two years, @corporateworld is back with its “Product of Hope” Collection which dropped yesterday on the 25th of May!

The capsule drop sees an overall dark colour palette with their necklace and hoodie standing out in silver and pink colourways respectively. The pieces themselves also feature rough details from the typography used and distressed embellishments on both the hoodie and denim jeans. Finer details can be seen on the bag and their knitted pullover hoodie. Below is an exact breakdown of the collection.

- A smaller version of their signature Crest Bag (£120 / €136 / $149)

- A pink colourway for their Alchemy Zip-Up Hoodie (£105 / €120 / $131)- Their Loose Knitted Mohair Pullover Hoodie (£95 / €109 / $118)- A 935. Silver Family Crest Necklace (£170 / €195 / $214) - Their Distressed Crest Flared Denim (£190 / €218 / $235)- And their Tourist Cap (£40 / €46 / $49)

The brand came into the scene making a lot of noise with their Crest Backpack and then later with Lone wearing the brand on the cover of his breakout album. When I look at the size of the brand and how long they have been around for, I find it crazy how they can push out products with such details and quality. That combined with the brand's presentation/aesthetic can be compared to the same level as some of the higher-end luxury brands and I believe this is the actual vision for the brand.

You can shop the new collection via the link in bio on their page! @corporateworld


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