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From London to New York 💂‍♀️🗽

@clint419 is back into his modelling bag for @supremenewyork and @them_magazine. Slawn, Fin and now Clint, it just makes sense.

Both brands share the same status, cult like following and hype that’s engrained in streetwear culture. To see them bridge borders like this is iconic. It’s another moment in Clint’s story starting from humble beginnings to being a huge fan of Supreme and then going on to have his own meteoric rise. But this isn’t just a moment for Clint, because this was a good move by Supreme also.

It’s so easy for these big corporations to feel threatened by competition, especially when you consider the moves Corteiz are making. Instead of seeing Clint as competition, they chose to embrace him which only benefits their image. It’s a W for the whole culture.

The last point I wanted to touch on is the question of, will we ever see a collab? If we do, what would it even look like? Is this something both brands would be open to? Is this even the right move?

We can discuss below, but one things for sure: this would potentially be the biggest collab in streetwear. And like @kaivyon said, this would break the internet.


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