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Central Cee finally launched his clothing brand, SYNA World.

@synaworld announced its launch with a promo video filmed in London and directed by the one and only @lengurz . It includes multiple cultural references and easter eggs making it relatable to the audience they are trying to target while also giving fans plenty to look forward to with SYNA.

Leading up to the launch, somebody actually guessed the password to the online store, confirming themselves as the first to get their hands on a SYNA tracksuit. Despite SYNA only allowing 1 item per person, resellers from both the popup and online drop wasted no time taking to depop and eBay to sell their items upwards of £200 - £300.


On Sunday, Central Cee launched his much-anticipated brand SYNA World after announcing the launch saturday night. In unique fashion, the brand launched via car boot sale and later went on to drop at 8pm UK time in which the clothes reportedly selling out in less than 10 minutes.

Central Cee isn't one shy of pop-ups with him having done multiple around Europe while also having to cancel one due to turnout being too high. The car boot sale was a success with people of all ages pulling up. The SYNA team pulled up to in ballies and tracksuits hoping out of their luxury cars to sell their goods in bags which mirror cali packs.

While people were able to cop the tracksuits, people who pulled up also had the chance to get first hands SYNA T's. Central Cee also made an appearance wearing both SYNA and unreleased Corteiz windbreaker while taking pictures with fans.


When the SYNA dropped the promo launch video. The comments were disappointed expecting announcements of an online drop too. Within short notice of the car boot sale finishing, SYNA announced they'll be dropping online too.

The online drop consisted of 4 different tracksuits including green, blue, red and grey retailing at just under £185. The tracksuit featured SYNA logo branding on the hoodie and both the rear and shin area of the tracksuit bottoms. SYNA finished off the look with their signature rope drawstring both on the hoodie and bottoms. The website had a vintage microsoft aesthetic contrary to the aesthetics portrayed with some of the other branded assets.

SYNA so far looks very promising, for me the most impressive thing is the marketing rollout. It's clear that a lot of thought has been put into it and its execution seems to have gone exceptionally. I see a very slim chance of failure considering the resources he has access to, the mentors he's connected with and the supportive circle/fan base he's in the centre of. Let's not forget his cult-like influence. Central Cee has been able to sell out the Kalenji Running Hat and a Decathlon Jacket with no promo, no mention of the clothes but by simply wearing it.

Scroll down our page and check the first post we did on the brand to find out more. Big shoutout to @kaivyon for the work on the flicker.


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