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Two weeks ago we shared a post on some of the best embroidery pieces. Along with that came a couple of story posts expanding on the topic, garnering opinions on embroidery and the different techniques to bring designs to life. The results were interesting.

To start off, many people like the use of embroidery on their garments. To recall some points on why, it feels and looks more premium, it’s typically higher quality compared to its counterparts and can be way more unique due to the fact it’s not used as much as the other methods. Of course, this can be attributed to costs as embroidery is not the most affordable option when we consider screen print, painting, DTG etc.

Another thing I wanted to touch on was the element of depth embroidery provides, not only does it give your designs some level of texture, but it can also add a layer of depth to them. There’s quite a range of embroidery styles from chain stitch embroidery, to appliqué and styles specific to different cultures around the world. On top of that, you have the ability to actually mix embroidery with another method such as screen print which I haven’t actually seen a lot of at all. A lot of brands use it as USP with the likes of Derschutze and House of Errors being rightfully known for them. I also like how some designers use stitch count almost as a flex to show their embroidery work

Lastly, I like how not everyone jumped on the embroidery bandwagon but actually sat back and thought that sometimes it actually spends on the design, concept or garment and with that, they're totally correct.

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