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Is the Opium aesthetic responsible for popularising the colour black more than ever? or is there no correlation?

Last week I conversed with someone from the community about how they felt the correlation was real. Good or bad, I always love when people give opinions from different perspectives. This person's concern was with the lack of colour among clothing brands and how he believes that's due to the opium scene.

In summary, my thoughts were as follows:

Black doesn't = Opium. The colour has always been popular. A brand selling primarily black clothing doesn't make them Opium. While yes, you can say Black is Opium's colour, labelling them down to just that is inaccurate. At its core, Opium is a label, but Carti has been able to turn Opium into a whole lifestyle and culture in of itself. The influence is so undeniable that people are using the word Opium to categorise brands, people, music and more.

Can brands use more colour in their designs? Absolutely. But let's not forget why black is the staple in the first place. Simply put, it's low risk. Black is the easiest colour to style and sell. You can style almost anything with the colour black whereas your other general colours can be more of a hit or miss. Furthermore, black is a brand owner's best bet for designs. A) it's one of the cheapest colours to produce and b) the colour is an easy seller as people are so used to wearing it.

Whether that's a good or bad thing is something we can discuss in the comments. But what are your thoughts? Am I wrong? Is he right? Let's hear it below.


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