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Last month, Jason Demaci dropped the Blood Flares which is a black fur set embedded with red highlights.

Out of all January’s drops, this was a contender for drop of the month, so we got in touch with Jason to know more about the product.

We discussed the process behind its inspiration and production as well as a timeline of events getting this product from design to reality.

“Nothing really inspired the blood flares it was just the final product of one idea leading to the next. Like the pants weren’t even supposed to be fur they were supposed to be alligator skin. Things happen for a reason.

I just wanted to make some crazy flare pants. I initially mocked up the original look and pinned it on a big white board and stared at it for hours. I guess like a mood board.

The pants came designed after the jacket. The jacket was designed by myself and my good friend C. He & I designed a jacket that I really fell in love with and I told him we need to make some pants to go along with them. So I started working on fabrics and patterns, modifications to the zippers. We just changed the jacket design to my liking.

It was supposed to be the jacket only, but then I was like fuck it let’s do a full set. The pant design essentially was made to match the pattern and design as the jacket. I had my assistant go and look for fabrics.”

The set is still available over at the Jason Demaci store!


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