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We got a lot of great campaigns this year so far but this one right here … might have to claim an early ad of the year trophy. We spoke to the director, Aran (a filmmaker from Leicester) to speak more about what went into it.

Pastdown Store have been doing their thing here in the UK, how did that connection come about, did they reach out to you?

Pastdown are my fuckin dargs man, we’ve been in touch for a couple of years now through mutuals. Love them. Super down to earth

Talk to us about how you got to the idea? What was the thinking process and what was the aim?

The PD boys actually came to me with the concept as they knew it was right up my alley. The idea was based off the famous meme in which loads of dudes run out of a crashed car, which I remember my dad what-sapping me back in the day.

Is the whip ok? 🤣

All I’m gonna say is that the whip is not ok.

How did you fit everyone in it?

So basically we picked 15 of our most skinniest, flexible friends; who ultimately had to adhere to a strict 9 month diet plan to get in shape and bend into position. They all fit, mad right?

How many takes did it take?

One take ! How many cars you think we had? Heheheh

Did you face any difficulties shooting on the day?

We used a really cheap, shit CCTV camera which had to be plugged into a restaurant on the main road, using 2 extension cables, and was eventually duct taped to a chair on top of a community centre.

Fun Fact

It’s mad because the homie @thrtnmo told me AFTER the vid dropped, that the original meme reference took place in Leicester. I genuinely never knew this. Stars aligned nicely. Crazy

Did you face any difficulties shooting on the day?

Defo gonna run up some more ideas with PD. I love blurring the lines between what’s real and fake, I like confusing people. They be bickering in the comments n shit haha


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