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No Faith Studios aren't shy of releasing banger visual campaigns but this recent one here deserves a deeper conversation. We asked the photographer, Louis Mack, a few questions regarding the campaign.

Who Is Louis Mack?

"My name is Louis Mack, I’m 24 years old, Scottish, a “fashion” photographer, and based out of Paris. I don’t make pretty images. Before I did fashion photography, my passion was street/documentary photography so I like to channel that foundation into my new work."

How Did You Get the Idea of the Campaign, What Was the Thinking Process?

Actually, the idea to shoot a bunch of models trapped in a box came from Luis. A lot of the times that we have shot together, he has had the idea for the project and it's my responsibility to bring it to fruition. 

What Were the Inspirations and References for This Idea?

Honestly, the shoot was so sporadic that I can't even pinpoint any specific references or inspiration that Luis had shown me, But it's clear that shooting the models in a box was an attractive idea to him because it's so simple yet so symbolic and it can invoke many interpretations.

What Did Luis and the Founders Think When You Pitched Them the Idea?

Ironically, I was not the one to pitch the idea to Luis, it was the other way around. He had flown me to Berlin for another shoot the day before and when I arrived, he told me that he wanted to shoot this concept too. Of course I was beyond stressed because I had not prepared for it as much as I would have liked, but I think I definitely execute my work best under pressure so, in the end, it worked out!

What Is It like Getting Everyone in There?

Honestly, the models posing was maybe the easiest part of the entire shoot. We had already worked with most of them in previous shoots, and we included some dancers too. The most important thing with a shoot with multiple models like this is that the models are comfortable in their own skin, and can confidently move around and hit crazy and awkward poses. It's essential that, during a shoot, the model not only is comfortable and confident, but they believe in the entire project too. 

Comments from Models on Set

Karolina: "There were 7 other models in the box, I think, so I had a lot of boobies in my face haha. It was super sweaty. And because the box was so small and there were so many of us, we had to intertwine ourselves, so it was quite athletic as well, I would say. But the energy inside the box was super cool. I loved being a part of it. I would definitely do it again."

Ruby: "Being part of this project initially for hairstyling but then being asked to model for the brand on arrival was unexpected but I’ve regularly worked with the brand and Louis. I trust the brand's vision and love Louis’s work and completely trust that the images would be amazing even though I’m not a model. We always work very spontaneously on the shoots and create as we go. The feeling of being inside the box with all the other girls was beautiful, there’s something so empowering and strong about the female body. "

"One memorable moment was during the stocking shots, where we explored different shapes I could create with my body. The favorite image captured me in a balled-up position, which was funny as it was a candid moment of me adjusting the stocking and taking a break between the more complex poses."

Vera: "If we’re talking about the feelings and the idea behind the concept — i believe each girl experienced something different while being inside that box. and I think it definitely relates to what they were going through in their lives at that time.

I mean I always like to look deeper and see metaphors in everything. so for me the box as i said was a certain stage of life. no matter how uncomfortable, scary, cramped, stuffy it feels inside the box; how people can jostle against you; how your own and other one’s hair (thoughts) could choke you and your mind, the unpleasant positions you have to take; the main thing that you can and should do, despite all of this — keep pushing your inner pure energy. cause this is the only way you can push through the glass and I think we definitely did it.

Apart from that, the shooting itself was lovely and comfortable. It is always a great pleasure to work with the No Faith team - the guys are super professional and talented. I'm very glad to be a part of this project."

How Was the Idea Executed on the Day?

Logistically, the shoot was a nightmare! We were up until 5am for the copyshop video shoot before this one. We spent the morning preparing but by 2pm we still didn't have any lighting equipment and the shoot started at 4pm. I had to scramble into the centre of Berlin with Mo to rent a light set up that would work for us and bring it back to the studio in time. I’m starting to get used to this level of intensity.

Did You Run Into Any Difficulties Carrying This Out?

Actually yes! On top of having to put together a light set up as last minute as this one, the equipment that we rented for the shoot ended up not being fully charged by the rental company. So for the entire shoot, we had to cycle through the spare batteries that were given to us for the flashes while charging the ones that were dead. It definitely disrupted the flow a lot but we made it work. 

Fun Things to Know about the Shoot? Something Interesting That People May Want to Know.

At 4:30am, as we were driving back from the photocopy video shoot, I had a heated conversation with Luis and his interns, Henry and Clara, where I told them that we should postpone this shoot for a few weeks because we were so underprepared and I didn’t want a concept as sick as this one to fall short. They told me that it would be fine. It was.

What Has the Reception Been Like?

The reception has been crazy! For me, it has definitely been the campaign with the most traction. I’ve had people that I haven't spoken to in years reaching out to me to congratulate me on it. I had a similar reception with the last campaign that we shot, “When You Throw Mud - You Lose Ground,” so I definitely felt the pressure to push myself and outdo it. In terms of numbers, I think I had hit the same amount of likes on instagram with this campaign in 20 hours that I did with the last one in 6 months.  

Whats Next? Have You Got More Crazy Ideas with No Faith?

There is always something in the works! We want to keep the energy from the last campaign going and create something even crazier! In the long term, there will definitely be a NO/FAITH x Louis Mack archive book with the work that we have created over the past 3 years together; unreleased and released work.


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