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Behind MEAQ and their “As Seen On TV” Collection 👀

About MEAQ…

After making custom shoes and custom outfits in high school and running a portion of a magazine in college, J. Glass (CO of MEAQ) decided to create a platform for like-minded people to come together and form communities.

MEAQ began as a collaborative platform for underrepresented artists and creators (the “Meek”), providing a common place and platform for them to make unique collaborations.

The name derives from the biblical phrase “the meek shall inherit the earth,” the brand itself is still considered to be in its infancy. Every piece of clothing was personally conceived, curated, and produced by J. Glass himself.

MEAQ’s Perception Is Not Reality design was ripped off by fast fashion brand SHEIN in November 2021. This prompted MEAQ to work even harder to improve the designs, quality of work, and positioning of the brand in the coming years.

The collections that follow this trajectory capture the experiences not only of J.Glass as a black man living in today’s society but also those around him of different races and ethnic backgrounds. MEAQ is all-inclusive.

About their first collectionEGO

The first collection to drop was the EGO. The idea behind this collection is to give MEAQ a presence that was permanent and let everyone else know that is what we intended to do.

Using a fresh typography for MEAQ was key. Something that was bold and active. The second piece was utilising the embroidery method to let those wearing the brand that this is a solid permanent choice. Third was to choose quality and comfortable pieces to let you know that MEAQ wants to provide quality garments that you can enjoy wearing.

About a recent collection FEELINGS

Growing up as the only boy of four sisters, it was easy for J.Glass to communicate with women and understand them on an emotional level. He works to recognise the black women in his life and acknowledge the value that they bring to him personally and community wide. The goal with the FEELINGS collection was to honour and shine a light black women, especially those working in the mental health space. He believes they have done so much to push our culture forward that they deserve to be recognised, appreciated, and celebrated each and every day.

This is something that MEAQ hopes to successfully continue to do in the future in the form of not only imagery but working with black women in a way that makes them shine.

MEAQ presents ASOTV

The current collection, As Seen On TV is inspired by the messages and tactics that we see consistently that shift our thought processes. The ideal goal with this drop is for you to ask yourself what influences your day to day thought processes? To take a moment to ask yourself if you are doing what you are told to do or if you are truly independently making decisions.

MEAQ executed this by taking common marketing messages and displacing them all over the garments used for the collection. This is done in an effort to mimic how confusing and random the messaging may seem. This is also the first time MEAQ has released a complete 3 Piece set.

MEAQ tries to cater to its current customers and audience by offering early access and pricing to previous customers. In order to get that access, one has to be a previous customer. This is how they express gratitude for the kindness they receive.

To stay updated with MEAQ, be sure to use the information below!

Instagram: @meaqtomb


Stay updated with the owner on Twitter: J.Glass

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