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The Battle of the Puffers

So, if you somehow didn't already know, the weather has basically done a complete 180. We're in a new season and while it's technically autumn, it feels like winter. Especially here in the UK where we had warm weather and out of nowhere it started getting really cold. It was a quick turn for sure.

That being said, it's my job to provide you with the goods to ensure you're staying warm this winter. Puffers are easily one of the most popular pieces of clothing and are one of my personal favourites.

Now before we get into the list, I want to dedicate a spotlight to the king of Puffers, Ding Yun Zhang. Ding is a 25 year old designer from China who has built a huge following on instagram for his extraordinary puffer jackets. The designer has had a whole collab with Moncler and is the mastermind behind some of the Yeezy puffer jackets and unreleased Yeezy shoes. We’re planning to do a whole in depth video on him soon, so I'll save the rest of the information for later.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a new puffer jacket, here are a few options you can look at. I included a large range of puffers all with different styles, price points and brand sizes to ensure that there's something for everyone reading. Let's look at the puffers.

First, we’re starting things off with the heavy jacket by CGI aka Computer Generation Imagery. Now this brand also had a couple other puffer jacket designs however this current jacket was the only one available currently in their store. I was immediately drawn to the brand's futuristic aesthetic and their consistent deep blue colours. It almost gives me Yeezy / Balenciaga vibes when you also factor in the models and their poses plus some of the silhouettes. The jacket retails for just over $800 (£694 / €809) and is currently available to buy on their site.

Now if you're more on the Trapstar vibe, and you're looking for something different, try having a look at the puffer jackets over at Le Just. Trapstar Jackets have really taken off since last year here in the Uk and I figured if you want the same vibe but want to stand out, this is a good pick. This is a brand based out of Amsterdam which I can imagine is very tapped in with the UK scene. The puffers are available in orange text and black text, retailing at around £200 ($235 / €236).

Juntae Kim has more bold design with a more niche appeal to it. This is due to the fact it's actually a gender fluid brand that merges historical women's costumes from the past with modern day shapes and details from mens clothing here in the present. Their down flight jacket comes in two colours being black and olive. They also didn't have a website, however you'll be able to shop their puffers on retailers such as Eng Concept and The Elephant for around £1.6k ($1849 / €1847)

Next we have I believe the most underground brand on the list, Sine Consilio. This is a jacket that didn't drop too long ago and it also turns into a vest which is another trend rising in fashion. The spiral jacket is more of a bold design and so if you like your loud pieces, this is one jacket for you to consider. You can get this on their website for around £130 ($150 / €152)

Moving on to the boldest design on our list, we have the Big Ass Coat by House of Errors. This is a piece they've been teasing for a while now as it made its way around Instagram. They also publicly previewed the design in their Paris pop-up earlier this month coming in blue and red. This jacket retails for £1000 ($1159 / €1160) currently in "Oshun Bluu" only.

With Entire Studios, there isn't just one puffer but more so a range as they currently have multiple available on their site. They also have a wide range of colours available meaning you're very much spoilt in terms of choice. It's another brand that gives Yeezy vibes as their founders have worked for Yeezy in the past, however their own work definitely deserves some of its own recognition. I also have to say, their website is insane, it's also the most unique I've seen. Their jackets retail for around £200 to £600 ($329 - $590 / €337 - €605)

Whilst most of the brands and puffers on here are unisex, I believe Saint Giovanni de La Mode is a brand more so targeted at women. That being said, I think this is generally the best puffer I've seen targeted at women. The silhouette and detail of it looks amazing which is why I think it deserves a spot. Dubbed the Astronaut Jacket, these puffers retail from around £280 to £320 ($332 - $384 / €329 - 381) coming in black, khaki and dusty pink. They also offer different puffer designs on their site.

Here's another bold design from Swamp Clothing. I'd say it's more so in the middle of bold and minimal, just because of the colour palette but if that's your vibe, this is an option for you. The jacket is dubbed the scream puffer and it's part of their Nothing to Hide Capsule. It's also one of the smaller brands on the list. You can pick this puffer up for £130 ($150 / €152) on their website.

If you're tired of the loud designs and want something more simplistic but still good looking, then look no further than the puffer jacket by Rebels. Based out of Peru, they offer their boxy cut jackets in olive and black for around £135 ($160 / €161)

Last but not least, we have Scares Studios. Now I personally think they already released one of the puffer jackets of the year in March.

And now they've come back submitting another contender with their Armour Puffer Jacket. It again includes their signature velcro cross on the back giving you the creativity to style it how you like. You can pick this jacket up in black for just over £270 ($319 / €320) on their site.

There you go, these were my top picks for puffer jackets you should look at for this winter, if you're still not satisfied, here are some honourable mentions.

They currently don't have any available but it would be a crime for me not to mention their space coats which all sold out in January. While this is a piece that will never restock, we're hoping to see new puffer designs from them in the near future. Keep a look out for their next puffer release.

I have to mention Roy Michael and his selection of puffers ranging from £300 to just under £450 coming in Brown and Grey colours. He’s a young designer who gained a large following from posting his designs on Tiktok and has shown a lot of potential with other designs as well as his puffers. It will be interesting to see how he grows in space and the heights he'll reach.

I also wanted to mention the Goose Down Puffer in Grey from Jacov retailing for just under £215.

If you're a brand wanting to showcase your puffer jacket, reach out to us via Instagram and we can look to feature you.

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