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After dropping their Pulse-D3 Collection late last year, Bad Son are back with their VESSEL Collection dropping today!

If you remember their last drop, you'll see a few similar items being the Star Puffer, the Paint T-Shirt and Overgrowth Cargo Pant. Bad Son has brought forward new editions of those products in this collection.

The Star Puffer receives a highly requested black colourway with a higher-quality nylon shell. Their Earth T-shirt on the other hand follows a more naturistic approach consisting of green shades and a brown highlight. The striking look of the Paint design by Bad Son deservedly caught many eyes, and now we also get to see this design on a hoodie for this collection. Perhaps the signature piece of this collection comes the Vessel Heavy Jacket, which is named after the collection. This is Bad Son's rendition of the Carhartt Detroit Jacket which he considers "the most versatile jacket silhouette of all time". The Overgrowth Cargo Pant is another piece we saw in the last collection coming in a lighter colour. In this collection, it comes in a black colourway with the pant being made out of heavyweight duck canvas. let us know this collection is their “favourite one yet”. Head to their page for more!

When: March 1st, 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT


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