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On the First of March, AELIZA bought us the Connection Collection. While their brand ethos centres around individualism and being the mirror that keeps people secure, this collection focuses on "creating connections". The concept is signified by a video of rising rappers @senseiapex and @vinchsound wearing the new collection and hugging each other on a busy day in London.

The collection includes a black T with their white individual logo screen printed on top. A reverse colourway of this is also included. The newest piece is their white hoodie with a white individual logo screen printed in puff print. Further pieces also included socks, neck warmers and gloves all with the signature individual logo embroidered on them.

Check out the collection here

I'm guessing people were requesting more colourways of this however Jack, owner of AELIZA simply stated:

"Don’t wait for us to drop a colourway. You can make this your own. Dye it, spray it. Embellish it in any way that fulfils your individuality. You have control 🪞" - @jackharper____


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