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Little throwback post to the time magdalsade dropped their Cathedral / Castle Duffle Bag.

I remember this dropping just over a year ago. It went crazy and I saw it everywhere. I think it's one of most creative pieces I’ve seen personally.

Be sure to check out our post about this special piece below!

Let's have a detailed look at some of the features:

- Duffle back-side features elastic drawbridge zipper pocket; pocket opens to 45°

- Duffle front-side features embroidered stained glass windows and castle block-caps, with ample room behind the blocks for Kingly declarations. Also seen is the hybrid shoulder strap: 1/2 chain, 1/2 leather strap with embossing on shoulder pad.

- Interior of The Cathedral; 360° print of castle interior. Featuring wood floors, decorative rug, surrounding stained glass, wood-paneled walls, and torches. All hand drawn. Includes embossed Magdalsade badge sewn to interior wall.

- Interior of The Cathedral Pt. 2. Light was placed inside to better show interior prints (light not included). Also seen is the top pocket system. 2x linear zippers on either side, with magnet snap system along the length. This system keeps the top of the bag flat and sturdy, yet easily accessible.

- Top of bag. Dual “snap-apart” handles. Also seen are custom zipper hardware.

- Shield zippers on drawbridge pocket: Sade’s crest adorned with Magdalsade’s black-letter “m.”

- Sword zippers on top pocket: Heirloom sword with branded scroll on blade.

- Numbered leather hang tag with every Cathedral. Only 50 made.

- Architecture and assembly showcase. All supplementary shapes like towers and top-caps are sewn together then bolted to the bag for extra durability.

- Ends of The Cathedral. Features large embroidered stained glass window and embossed D-ring holster.

Weight: 9-11 lbs

Dimensions: 20x13.5 x 14 inches

Price: £2203 / $2695


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