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There's another emerging brand on the block and that brand is Signature Element. The brand takes pride in its unique aesthetic and captivating visuals but they're also building a stack of signature pieces that juggle innovation, creativity and quality.

These include:

Joint stash key ring - The brand's playful take on smoking and its overall culture.

The Hoonderwear - A hoodie with a thong-like hood, where the hoodie can also be worn as underwear.

Zip Hoodie - complicated Zip-Up hoodie with distressed seams, custom woven cuffs and garment dyeing.

Pink Jacket - featuring Brigitte Bardot with her husband Gunter Sachs on the print: French beauty icon and photographer. This printed fabric was randomly found at a warehouse which the brand scanned and embedded into their own jacket.

Headphones beanie - due to be released early fall

SE Carved Buckles - which is a tribute to early 00s fashion

The Hooded bag - playing on the notion of hoods again where it's now being transformed into a bag.

Pierced tanktops - stemming from the brand's love for printing textures and objects on clothing.

SE Stool - A functional chair you're able to take apart and put together.

Which pieces are you feeling the most? Let us know


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