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Here's a look through @seventhheaven’s Upcoming 2023 Pieces!

The LA brand has made a name for themselves through their gigantic crosses and further symbols attached to the back of outerwear pieces with strong Christian iconography running throughout their clothing. Multiple artists have sported the brand with Uzi being one of their biggest and earliest customers. The brand has slowly evolved from your traditional clothing brand to more of a multi-disciplinary “artist project” spanning across fashion, music, and visual media.

Earlier this year, the brand showcased multiple different pieces set to be released throughout the year. While it's unclear when it is all dropping, be assured the collection follows an extensive range of pieces all inspired by the expression of spirituality. When taking a look through the collection, the brand continues the Christian motifs, mixing it with elements of pop culture on pieces including knit sweaters, fur coats, varsity jackets and denim jackets.

What's cool about this collection is their linkup with jeweller @alexmoss who created custom silver buttons which embellish a blazer to make out a cross on the back. Another highlight piece is the leather jacket made in collaboration with @blackmeans_official , a Japanese punk leather craftsman brand. The pair go on to create a leather jacket covered in pins, studs, and further prints.

All in all, I think this is a solid collection by John Ross (@interlockshorts). I like how refreshing the brand is with the Christian motifs as well as the attachments on the back. Seeing how brands interpret pop culture with designs is something I've always found interesting and Seventh Heaven is yet another brand that has piqued that curiosity. The blazers and the fleeces may have to be my favourite pieces from here.

What's yours? Head to their page, look through more of their pieces and let me know!


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