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Here's a look back at the Sunset Rodeo Collection by

Cease and Desist is a brand found in the US officially founded by Ghanaian designer @fredsaintfoster in 2014. Foster started his career creating custom pieces for big name artists including Future. That project would evolve into Foster designing merch for Futures pop-ups, events and music label. Foster has a diverse portfolio in the fashion industry with countless projects under his belt varying from design to creative direction.

Last October, Cease and Desist went on to launch their second collection called, Sunset Rodeo. Their highlight product would have to be their Sunset Rodeo set which has been sported on the likes of @lilbaby , @jnrchoi , @diddy and more including the main man @future . The set is made out of lambskin leather coming in red, olive green, black and beige colours. When we move onto details of the set, the sides include zippers that travel the length of the pieces, revealing several panels embedded into the set when unzipped. These panels are further separated by zippers with white stars embroidered in between. The zipper panels add for a flared fit to an originally straight-cut silhouette. Further pieces in the collection see this design repeated on denim jeans, sweatsuits and varsity jackets. Foster keeps things fresh in the collection with accessories such as the mask and the leather lote bag finished off with the Cease and Desist logo. Further pieces include leather pants with side pockets located at the bottom of the pants, denim jeans with pockets located on the calf area, an eye-catching pair of gym shorts under denim shorts and a graphic hoodie having a half zipper coming up from the centre of it.

Head to page to discover more of their work which offers custom pieces and other drops!


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