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UK based brand, @access_axis dropped its first collection this past Friday!

The collection consists of both menswear and womenswear. The striking looks have a futuristic aesthetic to them with the repetitive use of chrome silver, modern cuts and silhouettes, and unique accessories that complete several looks.

Perhaps the highlight of the menswear pieces is the Jetpack Gilet coming in Chrome Silver and Black. The Gilet is made out of a 20-metre fabric strip stuffed throughout and hand woven into its final form. On the womenswear side, I'm a fan of the mini-skirts due to their layered design and how it's been experimented with across different fabrics and colours. The Eyelet Dress and the Puffer Ring Bandeau also caught my attention due to how they innovated specific womenswear pieces and made them their own.

When I looked at their accessories section, their Inflated Bags is also worth talking about as we really get to see the brands' experimentation with hand-weaving strips of stuffed fabric. It really echoes the hand-twisted balloons you get from balloon artists and maybe this was actually an inspiration, nonetheless, Access Axis's first collection is a work of art.


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