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this is a brand I spotted a while ago and what instantly struck me was how the clothes were modelled.

the models are striking and attention grabbing by themselves, but a key detail I like is how the plain stone wall background creates a great contrast for there to be a primary focus on the models and more importantly the pieces. The mix of stances and poses is legit the icing on the cake, keeping stuff new and versatile.

the pieces worn are as equally striking with the styling, fit and silhouettes all draping well on the models. The clothes have this worn out / vintage aesthetic to them reinforcing their brand name with the designs having iconographic references to previous world wars. I'd even go as far as to say some of the pieces themselves help develop this aesthetic such as their Uniform Army Backpack, some of the caps and the track jackets.

my main takeaway is the simplicity in showcasing your products, great campaign visuals are dope for sure, but don't think you NEED that especially when you know your brand well and especially if you're on a budget.

Carve your own lane and stand on that aesthetic.


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