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Here are a few brands dropping some fire womenswear pieces. I’m always on the lookout for new stuff and recently, I’ve been keeping tabs on womenswear. I personally believe there is a big market for it within this industry. I think I’ll go in-depth with it in another post but today we are starting with these recent pieces I’ve seen.

First, we got Beloved from now on who are due to launch their maxi dress in December from their collection titled "For Those Who Find Their Way Back”. The Horizon dress is a full length dress featuring a square neckline, complimented with a gradient going from a soft to a deeper shade of purple.

Jodi Vanessa designed these sweatpants after struggling to find her ideal one. The flared sweatpants is optimised for versatility and minimalism in mind. Everybody needs some good quality blanks in their wardrobe and this could be yours.

Our Next brand, Bluindium recalls early 2000s fashion and fuses it with the world of slow fashion. I can't say I've seen a brand bring a sustainable touch to Y2K fashion so it's fair to say the brand is doing something unique.

Maarknull explores Chinese culture by integrating its past and its current modern day. From their innovative hanger bags to their playful exploration of denim, this a brand that deserves the eyes.

Last but not least, we have By Wave in which their designer Kobbi Banks has been outwardly open about the move into the womenswear landscape. The brand already blessed us with the Riri Maxi Mesh in February but we’re now expected to get more womenswear pieces from early January. The Pink TL Track set is definitely a comfy start to this move.

I'm excited to see what else these brands have in store moving forward.


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