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If we’re keeping it 100, backpacks have always been designed for functionality and have been overlooked by clothing brands. They commonly lacked personality but in the modern age where things are becoming more design centric, designers are shifting more attention to giving backpacks that creative edge. Whether it’s the sleek and minimal leather bag that you like or the bag with hella compartments that still provide that functionality, today's designers got you covered in that department. In fact, bags as an accessory isn't a competitive market at all and your brand can provide that specific bag someone may be looking for.

One of the most unique bags on this list by Mackk Archive takes on the shape of their brand logo. I think it's fair to say we've never seen a bag in this shape while still looking fire and that's why it deserves a spot in this post. The bag is also available in space grey retailing at $100 - $120.

Designer Jebidiyah Ryder previewed this bag all the way back in March and I've still been keeping tabs on it. Resembling the Marlboro cigarette packs, Jebidiyah put the Ryder Studios twist on it. Dubbed the “Cowboy Killer Book Bag”, it's yet to drop to the masses.

Prophecy Couture is another brand using shape as a USP for their bags utilising a cross. Having been loved by many of their customers and co-signed by King Combs and the late Lil Keed (RIP) it sure has earned its stripes among the culture.

Last but not least, we have Grimy Kids and you already know how they coming, need I really say much? Their viral bags caught the attention of many and went on to receive more colour ways as well as several restocks. A definite fan favourite.

Which bag are you fucking with the most? Talk to me


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