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You know it's hoodie season right now and before I release a full hoodie post, I want to highlight three underground brands with unique hoodies that will make you stand out this winter.

First, we have Boheme Riots. A young designer from Ukraine championed by rebellion and freedom, the brand's literal concept is to embrace individuality and stand out from the crowd. Their Doppelganger Webbed Hoodie was a recent drop coming in a brown/black and double black colourway. It features multiple zippers, a cropped boxy fit with a “Grand Canyon” wash, 2 3D pockets, double layered hood & cuffs, a light web mesh finishing on the final layer of the hoodie and two removable harness straps at the back of the hoodie.

Next, we have Xwore with their Darted Zip-up Hoodie. The vibrant yellow colour with the wash comes out beautifully and the light distressing on top makes it an excellent finish. The brand almost has a double meaning with its reference to “War”. The founder believes it is a War to fight for your goals and dreams as it comes with the mental fight to make it happen.

Then we have Lil One Sock who might be on a little hoodie run currently. Apart from the cosy looking shape and and silhouette of this hoodie, Lil One Sock has a laid back and cultural undertones to his designs. The creativity and execution have to be applauded and their 3D pocket hoodie is one to keep an eye on as we await drop.


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