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2024 is here meaning it's time we sit down and make our predictions. Here are my predictions backed by events I saw occur last year.

In my YouTube video, I gave a deeper dive into each trend explaining why I chose them. This will allow you to understand it on a deeper level. In the trend report, I also review my 2023 trend predictions and cover further trends that arose in 2023.

The Womenswear Boom

2023 saw the floodgates open for womenswear in which we saw more womenswear brands rise out of it as well as seeing typically male focused brands release womenswear pieces.

Boots will take over Sneakers

The resellers done fucked up the game and no one wants to wear reps. Sneaker prices are rising and overall hype culture around sneakers seems to be dying down as a result. Can boots be the better alternative? I think so. The Timberland boot will be the leader of this movement with a range of other brands offering alternatives.

Visual Storytelling will continue to Elevate

Brands really put more effort into telling stories through their campaigns. My favourite example of this is House of Errors which you can actually see through their feed. The rise of the use of CGI and short film commercials also adds a nice spin to the campaign side of things.

Brands are popping Outside

More pop-ups, more vents, more publicity stunts. The UK is king of these right now but 2024 will see it touch a global scale. It is time to build relationships with your customers beyond just your screens.

Football x Fashion will reach new heights

2023 saw both industries get their feet in each other doors but in 2024 it will be bigger than ever. Whether that's for tunnel fit culture, partnerships, sportlife or the jersey trend. I'm a big proponent of tunnel fits being more of a thing.

The Logoless Design Wave

I saw a few designers come out about their preference for logoless designs from late 2022 into 2023 and after a logo driven era we’re in right now, it might be time for the logo less wave where there is more emphasis and appreciation for the design over the logo.

Organic Marketing

This has lowkey already been happening especially among UK brands, but brands are moving to more organic methods of marketing such as building personal brands, using pages like ours, content marketing or IRL events for consumers to attend. Overall customers need authenticity and connection to buy from you nowadays. More focus needs to be done on building organic relationships with them as opposed to constantly just selling your products.


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